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- Monday, April 1, 2019

NB: Due to Telkom's notoriously unreliable service, we have cancelled ALL our Telkom Services and will only be telephonically available on our Mobile# +27(83) 7000-460 

Our Systems are not mere Hosting Services - We offer an entire Backoffice System - If it is just Hosting you want there are many FREE options on the Internet. Don't be fooled by those CHEAP Monthly fees. YOU WILL PAY MORE THAN THE ADVERTISED FEE!

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Brian Gillham
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Recognized – FailSafe is a trusted name which has been around since 1981, and a company widely recognized and respected in the Internet community.  With many registered users and a talented team of developers, FailSafe continue to evolve its software through participation, real world trial, and end-user feedback.

Versatile – we offer a web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web sites.

Search Engine Optimized  - FailSafe provides you with your personal or corporate SEO website design layout, search engine optimization and / or complete SEO copyrighting for your web site. Don’t waste your time and money on going down blind alleys to get the information you need for your site. Get your help and information from us. We help you plan your strategy, design your web site for the right market, optimize your content for search engines and start off your organic search engine marketing campaign. We make sure your website has all the indexes it needs to provide the search engines with what you want them to have. Each and every page is checked for what the search engine sees.

User-Friendly – All sites are designed to make it easy for administrators, content editors, developers, and designers to manage all aspects of their web assets. Wizards, content-sensitive help, and a well-researched user interface provide a superior user experience.

Powerful –  the framework can support multiple websites from a single application installation.  In dividing administrative options between host level and individual site level and also allows administrators to manage an unlimited number of websites – each with its own unique appearance and content.

Feature-Rich – all sites come loaded with a set of built-in features that provide exceptional functionality.  Site hosting, web design, content management, security, and membership options are all easily managed and customized through simple, browser-based tools.

Supported  - sites are managed and supported by FailSafe which provide production Service Level Agreements as well as other professional services for the platform. FailSafe is also supported by its Core Team of developers and community.  Through user groups, online forums, resource portals who specialize in the technology, help is always close at hand.

Easily Installed – sites can be up-and-running within a very short space of time.  Developers can simply download the software, and follow the simple installation instructions.  In addition, we offer integrated installation of the application with our hosting plan, providing a simple mechanism for end users to experience the power of the platform.

Localized – all installations include multi-language localization features which allows administrators to easily translate their projects and portals into almost any language.

Cutting-Edge - FailSafe leverage best-practice software development concepts by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server, and IIS.

Extensible – All sites have pluggable architecture which allows additional functionality and presentation elements to be dynamically added to the application at run-time. By leveraging the base functionality exposed through the built-in content management system,  developers and site administrators can be immediately productive and more focussed on delivering optimal solutions to their own unique business requirements.

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